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Do you prefer a quick loan and do not like unnecessary paperwork? Believe that it is not you, but many other clients want to have a loan settled almost immediately and without stretching. Fortunately, the current lending has improved a lot and you can handle many loans quickly and in a matter of minutes.

Quick loan is also an SMS loan , where you get up to 5,000 dollars!

Quick loans for low amounts

Quick loans for low amounts

SMS loans are provided quickly, just send a text message and let’s run while you get a response on settlement or rejection. However, for SMS loans, you cannot expect to receive higher amounts. Specifically, the SMS loan is given in amounts from 1,000 to 5,000 dollars. But don’t expect to reach the maximum immediately as a new client.

If you are renting for the very first time, you can get a maximum of 1,000 dollars. Will you properly return the installment with the set fees on time? Then nothing prevents you from borrowing a second loan, when you can now borrow 2,000 dollars. Subsequently, it will be 3,000 dollars. The amount will increase after each refund until you reach a maximum of 5,000 dollars!

SMS loan for anything

SMS loan for anything

The loan can be used for anything you need. This is a non-purpose loan where the reason for borrowing money is not required. The loan is intended for natural persons with permanent residence in the the country. The first loan requires a maturity of up to fifteen days.

The second and every other loan has a maturity of 22 days. Do you find the payback period very short? An extension can be requested. The grace period is possible for another two weeks, but expect to pay an additional fee for each week started. From the second loan you will have a free maturity week.

You can get the loan free of charge in advance. No guarantors or pledges are required. Interest represents pre-determined fees – you pay 250 for every 1,000 dollars borrowed. The loan can be arranged by phone and via SMS messages, from anywhere in the the country. You can also fill out an online application.

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